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Welcome to 1st for Gascony


Welcome to 1st for Gascony

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Welcome to our site about Gascony(Gascogne)! We hope you will appreciate this beautiful part of South West France – partly in the Midi-Pyrenees. Love it so much that you will want to live here. We would be delighted to show you around Gascony and help you buy a Gascony property here.

Gascony represents France at its best, its most authentic. Full of hidden corners, spectacular countryside, friendly people, excellent old-fashioned food. It is the France of your childhood holidays, the France to which you can escape. And escape comes easily with daily flights from most regional airports to either Toulouse or Pau, Tarbes/Lourdes, Biarritz, Carcassonne or Bordeaux.


Latest Gascony Property for Sale

Saint-Jean-De-Duras Property for sale
Property For Sale In Saint-Jean-De-Duras
€ 291500
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Guinarthe-Parenties Property for sale
Sale - Village house Guinarthe-Parenties
€ 218000
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A thousand words …. A thousand words ….»

We love Gascony. We want you too to appreciate this beautiful area of France.  Every picture tells a story. So you are welcome to browse through our Gallery of photos. We think you will agree that is a wonderful part of France. So first of all, the Gers department in the west of the Midi-Pyrenees […]

Life in Gascony

One of the disadvantages of living in the French countryside is that there is no Starbucks! One of the disadvantages of living in the French countryside is that there is no Starbucks!»

Having lived here over 20 years, I am quite happy to stop off at little cafés for my short, sharp shock of caffeine whilst I glance through Sud Ouest or the Depeche du Midi.  However on long weekends we cheat and fill our take out Costa Coffee flasks with frothy, milky, homemade, breakfast-style coffee and head […]

Buying Gascony Property

Financing a Property Purchase in Gascony Financing a Property Purchase in Gascony»

There may be various reasons as to why you may wish to raise finance against the property you are purchasing in France, whether a principal residence, a second home, an investment property or a combination of the above. Here are a few points to be aware of when buying with a mortgage. Before viewing property […]