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Welcome to our site about Gascony (Gascogne)! We hope you will appreciate this beautiful part of SW France. Love it so much that you will want to live here. We would be delighted to show you around Gascony and help you buy a Gascony property.

Gascony represents France at its best, its most authentic.  Full of hidden corners, spectacular countryside, friendly people, excellent old-fashioned food.  It is the France of your childhood holidays, the France to which you can escape.  And escape comes easily with daily flights from most regional airports to either Toulouse or Pau, Tarbes/Lourdes, Biarritz, Carcassonne or Bordeaux.

Toulouse is the main international hub , with its airport, international school and home to airbus,  famous pink-hued buildings, university, restaurants, cafés and shopping.  The TGV is never more than an hour away and motorways are again fairly accessible.

In Gascony we work to live and the pace means we have the time for the important things in life. Property is reasonably priced and there is a wide choice, from little village houses for under 100,000 euros, to chateau at 1m euros..


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